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Nintendo Revolution Controller

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    http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3143782 [Broken]

    This is quite a departure from the standard controller. Instead of pressing a button to swing a sword, you actually swing the controller.
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    Here is the video:

    http://media.cube.ign.com/articles/651/651334/vids_1.html [Broken]
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    the remote control. nice implementation for the sword play game.
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    doesn't matter anyway, nintendo is going to go under after the next round of systems comes out.
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    I hope not. they are very kid friendly.

    oh well.. If they do, I am sure they will just port their titles and sell them like sega is doing.
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    i doubt theyll go under anytime soon...they really base their stuff on innovation of thought and gameplay, rather than just stringing 10processors together and shouting "Cell r0x0rs!!"

    DS shouldve been displaced by PSP now...but it hasnt, because of those nintendog things.
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    Could this technology be implemented into a mouse design? That idea of moving in space is actually something I was recently thinking would be the ideal ergonomic mouse. I was looking for something portable for my laptop (that doesn't require a table top) and wasn't happy with the hand-held versions I found that all seem to require using your thumb to operate a trackball, which seems awkward to me. I would love something I could just wave around, even strap to the back of my hand so I don't have to put it down to type, for a mouse, and this sounds like it just might have that sort of technology incorporated into it if it can be adapted to computers instead of just games.
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    Something to think about : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/2335069.stm

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    Do you still think that? I think most people would now say that sony is the company that is going to flop this time around.
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