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Niobium atom lattice structure and its behavior

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    I am trying to understand how do cluster of niobium atoms behave when I apply force to compress/stretch them.
    Niobium has a cubic lattice structure, 8 atoms on each corner and 1 in the center. So my question is let's say I have 2 of these cubes connected, and composed of 14 atoms.

    In X-Y Plane, approximately like this
    (6 atoms aren't shown below, they lie inside the page)
    x x1
    x: the distance between the atoms
    x1: the distance between the atoms
    x = x1 for now without any external force.

    What if I apply force on the 2 right most atoms and pull them to the right side. Is it going to work like a spring under Hooke's Law?
    I know the distance x and x1 will increase, however, are they going to increase the same amount or x1 will have a larger increase while x has a smaller increase?

    Your input is very much appreciated.
    Thank you.
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