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Nip Roller Torque

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    I'm wondering if someone could help me. I'm curious what the torque in each driven roller would be in the following picture.


    Say for example I want the input tension(T1) to be 10 lbs and the output tension(T2) to be 20 pounds. Assume the radius for each driven nip is the same. Also assume there is a brake upstream somewhere. I am having difficulties in figuring out what the torque would be for each of the nips. I don't care about the speed of each nip but am only curious about the torque. I just don't understand how each nip isolates input and output tension. Any help?
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    The torque on the roller is equal to the difference in tension on either side of a roller.
    The tension force in the material is parallel to and equivalent to surface force on the roller, which can be interpreted as a torque of roller radius pounds.
    If the output tension is zero,
    then S2 = T2
    and T2 = T1 + S1 etc
    Make sure you get the signs correct.
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