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NIR Path Length Calculation

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    Hi everyone,

    Yes Im a newbie here so forgive me if I dont ask the question correctly. I am trying to understand how to determine the minimal and maximum path length based on gas absorption.

    I know this is based on Beer Lamberts Law but I am not sure which formulas to use and the order to use them. I appologize but I am not degreed in physics, but I have been a hobbist in spectroscopy and gas analysis for about 2 years.

    In my thoughts I figured tat a minimal the following parameters must be considered.
    1. Path Length
    2. Gas (O2-760nms, 1% by volume)(range is .5% to 20%)
    3. Beam Diameter
    4. Pressure
    6. Tansmission

    So if I did not ask correctly, I know the gas Im trying to measure, but not sure how to calculate what path length would be acceptable based on the sensitivity and range.

    I am willing to do the work, just looking for some guidance here. Thank you in advance.
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    Could someone give me a hand here or tell me maybe I should ask this question on another Physics Forum Page? I hope I posted on the proper page. Thanks in advance.
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    Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    sure is hard to get help on this forum. Guess its too complicated for some.
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