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NIR spectrum

  1. Jan 3, 2005 #1
    I have confidence that the moderators can correct my choice of forum if a mistake was committed. Although I do believe that this is the correct forum.

    I start this thread not because I know much about the Near Infrared (or NIR) spectrum but because I am of great need to know. Research in fields closer to my expertise that lately have escalated far beyond the boundaries of my knowledge has raised some concerns and some questions have sprung to my mind.
    I would prefer to find someone with larger knowledge of this area that I could discuss with because the questions will become severely more difficult; but yet, I can start simple here.

    My logic tells me some things, and I guess that it is Hope that makes me still cling on to it. Anyway, here are my first basic questions.

    I have read somewhere that the NIR spectrum was not bound to Heat (that heat did not affect it); nor should colour affect it. But at some images, it seems to do; whilst on others it doesn’t.
    What affects the (black and white) shade that an NIR camera can render? Is it heat, is it colour, is it amount of exposure?
    I would say that it is all of them, but yet I have seen pictures where the same colour renders totally different colours so could it be fabric? But that does not really fit either because striped clothing with different colours gave 2 different shades of grey.

    Anyway, I do not have a clue about this so can any of you help me?
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