Nitric acid from gasoline

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Can you burn gasoline to form nox witch can then be condensed with the other impurities to make dilute nitric acid witch could then be purified to make 63% nitric acid (by way of heating till smelling nitric vapors) it would make since that nox could be produced by burning gasoline because it came from organic compounds witch would have amino acids in it witch would burn and create the nox

i know that what happens in automobiles but could it be done and a cup of burning fuel
What do you need the nitric acid for?

Gasoline does not contain any appreciable amine-or nitrogen bearing compounds. You'll just get soot, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water, sulfur dioxide, sulfur tri-oxide (small amount), nitrogen oxides, and a host of much less than 1% of a bunch of other compounds that I am forgetting.

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