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Nitride Hardcoatings

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    I'm a student working on some theoretical transition metal nitride hard coatings. I'm involved in sputter deposition and also electron microscopy of samples.

    However, I do not know a lot about industrial uses of hard coatings. I was wondering if someone could give me insight into some applications of nitrides and carbides as hard coatings. I'm also curious as to when these thin coatings are more useful than say case hardening of metals.

    Any information is appreciated, thanks!
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    I know that valves have hardcoated surfaces. At one time, IIRC valves were made of Stellite (a cobalt alloy), but in a nuclear system, the cobalt can become radioative if it gets into the core.

    Anyway try - http://www.stellite.com/

    Also, some control rods are nitrided stainless steel to enhance lifetime to something more that 15 years.

    Here are some additional examples -

    Super-hard coatings give tools longer life -

    Dental Tools – CVD Derived Hard Coatings for Dental Tools

    PVD hard coatings advances made over 25 years
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    I got turned on by a manufacturer some time ago to using nitrided tool steels for drive splines and some gears applications. The ones I did go with were quite nice and quite durable.
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