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Nitro Glycerin

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    In the great movie, Fight Club, tyler and the narrator travel go to the lypo suction clinic and gather up human fat. They boil the fat and then let it harden in the refriderator. Tyler then says they could scoop off a layer of glycerine from the top and add nitric acid to create nitro glycerin. then i forget what he says but he says another ingredient which would make dynamite

    anyways im not planning on going to lypo suction clinic and stealing bags of fat, but is this concept actually possible, if one were so inclinced could fat be boiled, gylcerine collected then nitric acid added?
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    Why human fat? Is a pig's fat that different?
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    i dont know, apprently human fat has a higher salt count or sumthing?
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    you can get glycerine out of vegetable oil as well. It is a by-product of making bio-diesel.
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    No. One needs to add sulfuric acid as part of a dehyration reaction. And one normally uses chemically pure glycerine. DO NOT ATEMPT THIS AT HOME! Besides the fact that it is illegal to make explosives in one's home, it is very dangerous.
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    Tri Nitro Toluene
    Nitro Glycerin

    are pretty different chemicals. I havent heard of making one out of the other. But i believe there was that explosive cotton which was a cousin to each.

    besides this would be completely stupid to make in your house. Even terrorists dont try. Their job is to bomb someone else. Not themselves. If you dont have high quality equipment making it, a very good chance it could explode. Which is by any possible trigger which adds energy. A Shake, heat, friction, etc.

    The process and handling of the explosive is much to tricky. which is why they try to use other alternatives.

    Say for example. You could easily make a bunch of rocket fuel. Aluminum+iron+ammonium percholrate. this usually burns very very hot. So hot that water can be used as a fuel source. hydrogen and oxygen seperate and just burns hotter. So you can have your main burn in the rocket. With water as a booster. Which in my area water is pretty cheap, not to far away from the great lakes. So in essence this explosive power is strong. but not that problematic as nitro.

    but again to make any significant amount of these explosives. FBI or the Mounties will come meet you asking what your doing with it. Highly suggest you dont do anythingstupid.
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