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Nitrogen Organic

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    Hi ppl, I have this question. I have the MF of a substance A : C7H7O2N. I have three pieces of info which should indicate a structural property of this substance:i) A reacts with sodium carbonate to give off CO2. I thought this might indicate an ionic structure? then ii) A will form a coloured complex ion with copper (II) cations. I didn't know what this suggested really I'm afraid and finally:iii) A is unable to undergo addition reactions easily. Could someone help me with this?

    Thanks, Joe
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    Ortho/meta/para aminobenzoic acid is a candidate...It's an acid,gives off [itex] CO_{2} [/itex] when reacted with a carbonate.It should precipitate copper.As for addition,i think those 2 groups to a benzene cycle could account for it...

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    search chemfinder to get some suggestions, and make a follow up here...show some effort.


    you'll need to register first, it's free and fast.
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    Well, here you spoilt the opportunity to first pedagogically ask why the poster connects the release of CO2 to ionicity, followed by a discussion (trying to make the poster learn by being confused since we ask him/her if he/she really believes in a certain thing - or in the opposite :devil: ) which then eventually and hopefully could lead to a conclusion that the substance might very well be acidic. :mad:
    The other things are less elementary, though.
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