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Nitrogen Purge Velocity

  1. Aug 24, 2010 #1
    This is not homework, but a problem from work.

    If 4 tanks with fixed 90m^3 volume contained Nitrogen gas at 701.3 kPag were purged to 131.3 kPag through a 100mm pipe how would I work out the velocity/volumetric flow rate of the output?

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    The velocity isn't dependant only upon the fluid (pressure, viscosity, density), and not just on the diameter of the 100mm pipe, either, but also the length of the tube, it's roughness, and the entry geometry (exit, not so much provided its flush or free air). Is the tube's entrance flush with the interior of the tank, or in free air?
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    Thanks all for the pointers,

    mugsliens I've completed a subject in fluid mechanics that only looked at incompressible fluids so would I be correct in saying that major (friction) and minor (inlet/outlet exspansions) head losses relate smilarly in compressible fluids?

    I will recieve data from some flow meters soon, since I read in another post that I would need to consider the change in temp. through the pipe I guess introducing measured data would make the theoretical calc useless anyways.
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