Nitrogen reactions

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Does Nitrogen (N2) react with anything?

not readily, though. thankfully, a few organisms will fix it to a reduced form.


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not under normal circumstances I dont think,

under high temeratue and pressure, it will react with hydrogen gas to make ammonia,
N2 + 3H2 -> 2NH3
Reacts with oxygen in a combustion engine (due to the heat).

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With metalic lithium IIRC


yes all elements react exspet for helium neon and argon even xeon and kripton can react with flourine to form the most powerful oxidizers
kclo4x said:
all elements react exspet for helium neon and argon
Both argon and neon form compounds in certain conditions.

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Given the right temperature and pressure conditions, most elements will react. The noble gases are least likely to react though, and IIRC, compounds of Xe and Kr may form under special conditions with Xe reacting with F and O, and Kr with F. F is the most electronegative element (highest affinity for electrons), O is second most electronegative.

Xe prefers to form even order fluorides: to KrFn, where n=2,4,6. Xe forms oxides - XeO3 and XeO4 - see
(Look on right hand side of page for compounds)

Kr seems limited to KrF2 with no other compounds - see

See - Electronegativity

As for the He-Ne laser, see -

He does not form compounds, and it appears neither does neon or Ar. Both achieve "excited" states, but that does not infer a compound.

As for nitrogen compounds, ammonia and nitrates are high tonnage industrial products. Metal nitrides are also quite important. For example, Si3N4 is an important structural ceramic, and UN is a dense nuclear fuel with high thermal conductivity. Boron nidride ( is another important compound.

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is the most common PVD hard coating in use today. TiN has an excellent combination of performance properties, attractive appearance, and safety (meets FDA requirements for surgical tools and implants as well as food contact applications).
from [Broken]

There are many amines, amides, azoles and azines (RC=NN=CR), all of which are organic nitrogen compounds.
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