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NIU Engineering/Physics Progam?

  1. Jul 12, 2007 #1
    Anyone is familiar with NIU "Northern Illinois University" engineering program?

    I've heard it supposedly has ties with Fermilab, and Argonne because of its close proximity, that might make it attractive? Is it a better alternative than UIC, or UI (@ Urbana) Engineering/Physics wise?
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    Is it a good physics/engineering school? It's only 20 miles from Fermilab.
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    Er... it isn't a better alternative than University of Illinois, for sure, in many areas of study.

    I have no knowledge of its engineering dept. I do not see how its proximity to either Argonne or Fermilab would affect its engineering program that much. I have limited knowledge of its physics program because it has many collaboration both at Fermilab and at Argonne. For instance, the http://www.nicadd.niu.edu/" [Broken] program at NIU is about to build an accelerator here at Argonne (right next to the facility that I currently work at ). In my group, we have one NIU student doing his Ph.D research work. I'm guessing there are a few others from NIU scattered all over Argonne, and I expect the same with Fermilab.

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