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NMOS-PMOS circuit

  1. Mar 4, 2008 #1
    The teacher gave us an hint about a problem that might appear on an exam.
    I was not able to solve it and I need some assistance pleas.
    Find the current ids for the following circuit:
    see attachment.

    I have simulated the circuit with Pspice and I get the following values ids= 2.75[mA]
    and Vout=4.32[V]

    the paramter for the transistors were:
    NMOS Kp=500 [uA/V^2]and Vto=1[V]

    PMOS Kp=500 [uA/V^2] Vto=-1[V]

    I tried the saturation formula but I did not find the values.

    I also tried to use the load lines for the transistors but I had trouble graphing the load line for the NMOS (bottom transistor).
    Please can someone help me please?
    Thank you

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