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Nmos/Pmos question...

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    Hello! I would like to have some assistance with a simple definition.
    When I get a question about Nmos or Pmos, lets say enhancement mode and depletion(both cases), what does the 'N' or 'P' stands for? is it the channel in the device or is it the substrate material?
    And does it change when we talk about a NMOS or PMOS capacitor?
    I'll appreciate any comment that would help me out! thanks in advance!
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    Hey Steven,

    N and P, in both cases (enhancement/depletion), refer to the type of carrier (electrons or holes) that form the channel when the transistor is "on". So NMOS transistors have p-type substrates but form n-type channels when the transistor is on. PMOS is exactly the opposite.

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