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A NMR Experiment

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    I have to do an nmr experiement. Why do i need a broadband probe head? I have a magnet with 2 tesla. and modulation coils on it with a frequency of 50hz. For example i have a resonance frequency at 50mhz.
    i hope you can pelp me.
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    You shouldn't need a broadband receiver, just a receiver near the Larmor frequency. Are you using the probe for multiple nuclei or field strengths?
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    the idea is at resonance frequency the resistor is 50ohm. if something is into the probe head 50ohm it differs. and an nmr detector detects this and shows a signal.
    the problem is my prof says i need it and i dont want to ask him again because i didnt understand it.
    what can the reason be for a broadband signal? is the linewith always the same with this method?
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    Um, that is part of your professor's job.

    Again, are you using the same receiver for multiple nuclei or field strengths?
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