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NMR Q: Why an RF pulse can rotate Mz so fast

  1. Sep 17, 2008 #1
    Learning about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for a while.

    I have read than when the main field B0 is applied along the Z axis, it takes a time (T1) in the order of seconds for the M0 field to be created in the body we are studying.

    Yet we can apply a short (maybe in the order of one wave length) RF pulse and get all that M0 rotated into the X-Y plane, in no time.

    I don't understand the mechanism why this is possible.

    If M0 were to rotate into the X-Y plane because of the variable B created by the RF pulse, then it would take also around T1 time.

    Yet another question: the B of the RF field is variable, how can it rotate M0 into the X-Y axis.



    NMR Q: Why an RF pulse can rotate Mz so fast
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