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No A level physics

  1. Nov 19, 2008 #1
    In my first year at college I have taken BND IT, BNA Sport in the second year I have taken AS Maths, A2 Maths and Further Maths AS (FP1, M1, M2). With my mind set on a Physics degree and with top grades in all subjects will a degree be possible for me without it being studied at A level? If it is possible would I have to endure a preliminary year or take a foundations degree? If so, would this affect my chances of being entered into a desired university. I'm not really sure what my options are and im quite sure that AS and A2 Physics is out of the question at this point.

    This is generally directed at British residents but for anyone else who does not live in the UK or studied maths before its new structure:

    FP1: Further Pure 1
    M1, M2: Mechanics 1 & 2
    BND: BTEC National Diploma; 1080 guided learning hours, no exams, 360 UCAS points approx.
    BNA: BTEC Nataional Award; 360 guided learning hours, no exams, 120 UCAS points approx.
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    I think your best option is to contact specific universities, but my gut instinct is that you won't be accepted directly onto a physics degree program with no physics A level. Also, most departments only advertise their required A level grades and say something like "candidates with other qualifications like BTEC, GNVQ, international diplomas etc.. will be considered separately." Since you've got a mix of A levels and BTECs, I don't think anyone other than admissions departments will be able to tell you with any kind of authority.
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    I think that people with BTEC qualifications are considered separately for entry if the course was, say, a BNA in Physics. I don't think that my BTEC would be able to be considered in that way, having nothing to do with Physics.

    I was thinking that top marks in all subjects would be adequete instead of doing 3 A levels doing BND, BNA, A level (AS + A2) and an extra AS level which would equate to 660 UCAS points or 5 A levels and one AS. I was trying to compensate for BTEC with UCAS points since they are less credible and have no examiniations.

    Are you saying that the BTEC qualifications so much less credibility that A levels that I may not even be considered for entry to a university that requires an AAA let alone on a foundation or preliminary year Physics degree?
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