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No active mixers?

  1. Dec 6, 2005 #1
    So i've had a few viruses lately, (my own fault... i wanted to download a claymation christmas and downloaded viruses instead...) and now today, i have no volume control... no sound of any kind. when i click it, it says "there are no active mixer devices available. to install mixer devices go to control panel, click printers and other devices, and then click add hardware."

    first of all, i don't even have a folder called that... i'm on XP and i just have "printers" and "add devices" separate folders in my CP. but at any rate, i can't listen to any music or anything either. so... what do i do eh?
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    Are you in classic view or that stupid new XP one in the control panel?
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    try reinstalling your sound drivers, if you cant find the mixer anywhere
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