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No body likes me->

  1. Jan 23, 2004 #1
    I'd like to complain that nobody likes me.
    I'm to official when I face every body.
    I simply have to fat ego.
    I, therefore, don't let them near me.
    When will some girl start to like me for change!!
    I'm 27 now. My live is half gone.
    I still have no girl friend.
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    jimmy p

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    awww dont feel so downtrodden. im sure people do like you. If you go on naming your downfalls then you are gonna miss that there are (most probably) lots of good things about you. You just have to exploit them and use them to your advantage. Earlier this year i was kinda in a really depressed state (thought about taking medication to help me) because nothing seemed to go right for me. Things are still really sucky but i just dont let them get to me.

    I dunno, just try open up to people, have some empathy. I dont think u can have that bigger ego if you can admit that you are upset and that you have problems. Just listen to people before judging em i suppose.

    27 and your life is half gone?? i doubt its half gone...1/3 maybe but you just gotta lend the sympathetic ear. Bring yourself down to everyone elses level..

    Help me out here guys!
  4. Jan 23, 2004 #3
    Come on deda, go for that girl!
    You are still young, if you don't act now, you will lament it when you are older
    Remember that you only live once. And, after all, you don't have nothing to lose if you try
  5. Jan 23, 2004 #4
    Aw deda! Want to talk to me via PMs? I have helped many people to sort out their thoughts. If you want to "consult" me, send me a PM. This quite personal, but I experienced a minor depression two years ago(I ended up visiting a psychiatric institution) and I have been outburnt twice. I am just getting out of the second time now and I do believe that my experience is vaulable. It has helped a lot of other people I have been corresponding with. That is an offer to everyone else as well.
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