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No Boundary Proposal

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    Stephen Hawking and the No Boundary Proposal

    The no boundary proposal has been around for quite some time now, and in some ways it seems to relate to the concept of forever that's been around for hundreds or thousands of years.

    It's a theory that appears to shed light on imaginary time if it exists, giving it a finite extent.

    Any comments?
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    Time is Personal

    One of the main concepts of the No Boundary Proposal is the relativity of time and the population of time's arrows throughout our universe. Due to time constraints, I'm going to touch only on the genesis of many of those time's arrows running in all different directions.

    In my upcoming book series I will be tying together properties of the universe at large and our own personal lives (personal universes). During my research I have theorized that time is mostly a personal perception, or personally relative. Each person has what I call a 'personal universe', which would have been created at the "beginning" of the universe as well as the "end" of the universe simultaneously, making each of our personal universes the same age as the universe. We ourselves, though, begin to percieve our personal universes only when we are concieved and discontinue to percieve them after we die. That said, being that time is relative to the individual, there would indeed be, as Hawking surmised, many arrows of time running in all different directions throughout the universe as the result of six billion people on our planet alone...each one of those arrows belonging to an individual's personal universe, as each of us is literally a part of the universe.

    Another producer of time's arrows is the level III multiverse...the quantum level. Whenever an action is performed such as say, a die roll, the die will, while in mid-air, find itself in many different positions until it reaches the final position, lying flat on one of its six sides with one side "up". Each one of those positions is permanantly embedded into the fabric of the universe, each one of those a "time's arrow", since they point to an eventual conclusion, the final position of the die.

    So what does this have to do with forever being a reality? Well, if our personal universes have been around as long as the universe which, according to Hawking, has been forever, and if our personal universes relate directly to us then we, in some essence, have been around forever, too.
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    Thanks W. M.

    As I understand it, this theory implies that there is one constant time flow with a beginning and end, imbedded into a dimension of some sorts, which has no boundaries.

    Saying that imaginary time is at right angles to normal time, seems to be only a requirement for one to visualize the concept of it. It seems to be a more crucial theory for explaining the quantum state of the universe, making the present state of the universe, the only real boundary.
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