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No Computational Physics SubForum.

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    Perhaps i may have overlooked the sections or maybe this section belongs under software but it is a physics field in itself.
    Why is there no Computational Physics SubForum.(my question mark button isnt working)
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    You can post those questions in general physics or the technology forums. We feel there is not enough interest to warrant it's own forum.
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    k thx. Are there people who do graphical simulations in physics on these forums? or even just numerical?
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    I think there is a bunch (signing in !) ... probably an ever growing one but we're still quite a minority.
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    If you expand 'physics' to include 'astrophysics', I think you'll find even more members! :smile:
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    If we can find enough members with interest, I'd be willing to vote to create a computation physics subforum, even just to encourage discussion on the topic. It is vitally important to the field.

    - Warren
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