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No debunking Gods of Science

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    No "debunking" Gods of Science

    How is it that criticisms of any of the Gods of Science, such as Carl Sagan, is not tolerated here? How is that?

    Someone mentioned the Sagan Boloney Detector, and I copied the term and commented on it, and pow, thread destroyed.

    It's somewhat like 1984 where everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.
    Nobody is more equal than Gods of Science, such as Carl Sagan.

    Science is not so advanced by pretensions of infallible grandeur.

    Oh yes, some of his worshipers would claim "Carl is not around any longer to defend himself."
    But if Carl were still alive, he assuredly would not be browsing around this place anyway, so that argument and its corollaries are utterly fatuous.
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    Re: No "debunking" Gods of Science

    I saw your thread and it was silly. The forum censors incoherent, meaningless rantings. It doesn't censor criticism of popular figures (although actually they do when it's just plain crude). Your thread was the former. You just picked a random personality, decided on your own that he is seen as some sort of superhuman character in physics, complained about it, and then with no evidence to support your own claims, challenged everyone else to prove yourself wrong. That kind of garbage doesn't fly around here.
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    Re: No "debunking" Gods of Science

    +1 on that
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    Re: No "debunking" Gods of Science

    +1 too. Go peng!!
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    Re: No "debunking" Gods of Science

    He's a previously banned crackpot.
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    Re: No "debunking" Gods of Science

    Hurray for evo!!!! :biggrin:
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