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No dial tone puzzle

  1. Mar 31, 2008 #1
    [SOLVED] No dial tone puzzle

    I lost home phone dial tone last week. First, I called att service and they said it is an interior wiring problem. I confirmed this by connecting a (good) corded phone in the Network Interface Device. There was a dial tone in NID and I called my home number from my cell.

    Then I disconnected all phone jacks inside the house and checked any loose connections. There were all good. I finally called att again asked for service inside my house ($70+ hourly rate) to fix the problem.

    The night before the service appointment the phone line suddenly worked for no apparent reason, so I called off the att service. However, the next morning it was dead again and came back alive one time the same day before went dead since 3 days ago.

    I have a DSL splitter to a second line and DSL is all functional all this time.

    What can go wrong and how to attack this problem? It is a puzzle for me. Need some advice.

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    could the phone itself be bad?
    if that doesnot fix the problem
    can you swap the DSL and voice phone lines ? at the out side box
    next try
    I would replace the wires/ jacks myself and get a new spliter too
    as both will cost less then the ''SERVICE VISIT" from att

    when I did that at my house I still had a problem
    but I then knew it was not inside
    the teck found the line to the house from the pole was intermittently shorting
    do to hurricane wind dammage
    he found that by shaking the line with a meter hooked up
    BTW my DSL worked fine even when the phone was dead
    DSL with work over only one line/wire voice dial tone needs two good lines/wires
    I proved that by hooking up ONE WIRE and going on line
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    I used the corded phone at NID and it worked. That's how I confirmed it seems to be a interior wiring problem. Only that phone is connected to a jack inside the house right now.

    "can you swap the DSL and voice phone lines ? at the out side box next try"
    Not sure how to do it, but will look into it.

    However, the second line is only available in one room, where DSL & wireless router are located. So, swapping lines won't completely solve the problem. I still need phone connection in the rest of house.

    It still could be an outside line problem, right? I wonder how to make att take a closer look.

  5. Apr 2, 2008 #4
    It was a faulty DSL splitter shorting phone line. Got it fixed. Thanks.
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