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No friends

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    Simply this is the story.
    I like to talk about physics. Almost always. Argue with my friends about various theories and all the other related stuff.
    But the thing is none of my friends are interested in physics. So we have very less to talk in common.
    Unlike the other cultures our culture is very different. Most of the people do not like to think in a logical way. They would gladly accept almost anything what others say, without thinking whether it is right or wrong(for an example during classes they won't ask any questions from the teacher.just accept that the teacher is always right)
    So, my problem is i can't find anyone to discuss my ideas with. I am deeply stressed with having no one to discuss my ideas with.
    What should i do?
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    You can stay here and talk about physics with PFers!:wink:
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    There's a chat here every sunday. You should come in! :smile:
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    Yeah man, you're in the right place. If you always like to talk about physics, then you must have some pretty good ideas by now.
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    Wooow!! That's interesting....I never knew.

    I am looking forward to share them with you guys. :)
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