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No future? (I never studied chemistry. Am I finished?

  1. Apr 17, 2004 #1

    I am in my final year of A-levels (Grade 12), and have applied to some universities home and abroad for Electrical Engineering (for States and Can., Fall 2004).
    Universities in Pakistan won't let me apply for ANY form of engineering (even mechatronics).
    I always thought Elec. Engineering would be more about physics and computing (Subjects I am currently studying: Physics, Mathematics (Pure), Mathematics (Mechanics), Computing Studies) and that it had nothing much to do with chemistry (yes, I realise how wrong I was for believing that!)

    1. Will universities in the States/Canada be more forgiving regarding this?
    2. Will I be able to make up for this by means of additional chemistry courses while studying electrical engineering?
    3. If I get admitted into any university, how hard of a grind am I in for?
    4. How many years am I looking forward to losing?
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    Tom Mattson

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    I'm sure there are plenty of good schools that would admit you without it. Of course, you will have a bit of a tough time in the required freshman chem courses, but if you can do math and physics, you can do it.

    Another option is to take it over the summer at a community college, if you have one nearby. Make sure to let colleges know on your application that you will have a summer course in progress.
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    Most engineering programs (all?) require you to take a chemistry course in your first year. You'll take it then.

    Don't worry, most high school/pre-college chemistry courses are not adaquate for engineering.
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    Agreed, I had some friends in my first year who had NEVER taken chemistry before, and they did just fine, since all the EE majors had to take a chem course anyways.
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