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No laws

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    If there were no physical, chemical and mathematical or in all, no scientific laws, how do you think people would imagine about their roles, their existence in society ? :-)
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    They would probably not ponder such things, science has enhanced our minds, the idea of god came around when science was starting off
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    Consult the Chaos Theory for more precise answers.
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    Chaos theory has laws. That's what makes it a thoeiry instead of just a hash. Read Gleik's book; it's all about how people discovered laws of Chaos, like universality.
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    How do you even exist with no physical laws whatsoever? SOME kind of pattern of consistency must exist (even if you don't know what it is) to hold your thoughts together, or your molecules together.

    Or at least there should be mathmatical laws. If 1+1 does not equal 2 then it has to equal something else, therefore you have a law (1+1 =/= 2).

    Or to answer the question people would always regard themselves in relation to their "foundation" (these laws) of existence.
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    Absolutely.....and that relation spirals to the spooky level of forms, while the 'foundation' unavoidably binds evertyhing in clarifying relations to the limits of forms.
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