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No more Graduate School

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1

    I started Graduate school this year (Physics), but my performance has been awful, I think I'm gonna be kicked out from University. I recently was diagnosed with ADHD, which explains my hard struggle through school during my whole life. I find this horrible and I'm full of anger, because I'm a failure while because of a problem with my mind, while everybody thinks I'm lazy and irresponsible.

    I already started medication under a Doctor's prescription (Strattera), but I don't feel I'm making progress on my focus and organization. I could talk with University authorities, but I'm not sure what kind of support I can get from them, because there is not an obvious disability like hearing, sight, or motor ones.

    I don't know what can I do, because I'm constantly changing my interests. From Physics to Economics to Musics to Computers to whatever I might like, except that people with ADHD are not able to control their attention span.

    Is there hope to ADHDers interested in Physics? If not, what kind of Academic studies or careers are best suited to us?

    Also, if there are people here with the same problem. I'd really appreciate your tips to cope with this monster.
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    It could also be that grad school is just much harder than undergrad, and much more dense. That's the problem I've run into. I've never been diagnosed with ADHD or anything, but I have severe trouble staying focused when entering the second hour of one derivation using mathematics I've never heard of before with little to no connection to the actual physical system that we are supposedly talking about.
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    Most disabilities are ones you cannot see. I am unsure what type of support you'd get but you might be able to get some assuming you have the paperwork to prove your diagnosis.
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