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No more lies

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    Ivan Seeking

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    A number of reports like this are surfacing.






    If technology were to expose all lies, how would the world be changed? The evolution of "truth technology" strikes me as a highly significant event in human history. Even Sci Fi has mostly missed the implications of a completely truthful world.
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    years and years ago as a student in Psychology, I remember the prof. offered an example of
    a guy in a mental institution who 'believed' he was Napoleon .....he was given the polygraph examination and the question was put to him,'Are you Napoleon?'......he answered,"No"......
    according to the test results he was lying!

    I honestly don't know if this 'story' is true or not to this day?
    Seems to me the prof. 'believed' it....

    There's a fanscinating 'study/book' called "The Three Christs of Ysipsilanti" --which is/was a mental institution in Michigan.....three guys who 'believed' they were 'Jesus Christ' were brought together.....
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    In other words, a "lie detector" cannot factor for mental illness, and probably cannot factor for very skilled liars who can train themselves to "believe their own lies".

    BTW, as I have noted before...the concept of the polygraph was formulated by the creator of Wonder Woman, and it works about as well as her "magic lasso" would work in real life.
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