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No more teasing!

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    This just came out today:

    OMG, how long are they gonna milk this story for? Don't you remember the press conference with the 5 sigma result where the director guy says, "I think we got it," and everyone applauds with the camera shot to Peter Higgs who's bawling his eyes out?

    What is this news all about. I'm "aching" to know. Haha.

    If that's not enough, what about this dark matter discovery that we were supposed to wait two weeks for, that we're still waiting for. All we know is that it went through "30 REVISIONS." 30 revisions, oh hell, this must be important, I think I'll quit my job and take my minions up to the top of Mount Rainier to wait for the apocalypse.

    I've written articles with 300 revisions and wouldn't dare pre-announce it until it was finished and available at least as an online pre-print. I'm not gonna waste people's time with some "Art-science tease."

    What I like to do is to go to the grocery store, pick up my Swanson's turkey TV dinner (with the cranberry dessert I never eat), along with a six pack of Bartles and Jaymes (or Zima, whatever I'm in the mood for that night), and then stop off at the RedBox outside the front door and order a movie I can watch THAT NIGHT.

    Am I alone here? You got something to say, say it and don't waste my time with your hype. If you got the green light to make Indiana Jones 5, please don't announce it 5 years before it comes out. I don't wanna know. Once it's finished and I can rent it at RedBox next time I go, I'll be happy to consider it. I feel the same way about my science.
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    I don't mind them announcing a little update. I've been wanting to know the status of the search actually.
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