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No motion no gravity

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    I have found this paper, i thought i had better post it here,but it is something
    that also aplies to my thread QUESTION in strings LQG, an idea i had a clumsy
    attempt to explain.
    Authors: Volodymyr Krasnoholovets
    Comments: 24 pages, 2 figures; finally revised version

    Based on the model of a "soft" cellular space and deterministic quantum mechanics developed previously, the scattering of a free moving particle by structural units of the space -- superparticles -- is studied herein. The process of energy and inert mass transmission from the moving particle to superparticles and hence the creation of elementary excitations of the space -- inertons -- are analyzed in detail. The space crystallite made up around the particle in the degenerate space is shown to play the key role in those processes. A comprehensive analysis of the nature of the origin of gravitation, the particle's gravitational potential 1/r, and the gravitational interaction between material objects is performed. It seems reasonably to say that the main idea of the work may briefly be stated in the words: No motion, no gravity.
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