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No movement FTL travel

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    I was thinking a while back, after reading something about inflation. if you could build a device that will increse the distance between you and an object(lets say earth), you would be able the change posision faster then sublightspeed motion allows. because you would create distance, of which there is no maximum rate of expantion, between two object, you would be able to shrink the distance between any object if that object were in a stait line between the two things that you were increseing the distance between.

    if you follow me, that would be a way to translocate anyamount of mass. but you would first have to have that way to create distance between two specific objects.

    I would like your thoughts on this matter.
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    Read the posting guidelines. What part of 'personal theories' do you not understand? If you are serious, show the math.
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    I think he/she is talking about the fact that general relativity allows the space between two objects to expand faster than the speed of light, in some "reasonable" coordinate system (though nothing ever exceeds the speed of light locally of course). Something like this is the idea behind the Alcubierre warp drive.
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    With respect to Chronos' objection, I'll assume AP is proposing to build a device that is consistent with workings of the mainstream models of the universe (since AP mentioned inflation theory and some principles of relativity theory). But yeah, if AP is proposing a device that works assuming a model other than relativity/etc. is in play, then we'll end the speculation here.

    Meaning a device that creates spacetime, right?

    I suppose it would depend on the efficiency of the device, assuming such a thing can be built at all.

    Wouldn't you just push both objects away?

    initial condition:
    Device - Earth - Object

    creating new space:
    Device ---- Earth - Object
    (no change between the Earth & the Object)
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