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No, my town isn't haunted *feels left out*

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    no, my town isn't haunted *feels left out* :(

    This is a thread that demonstrates how people get together to creep each other out, trying to top each other with more extreme ghost stories.

    It creates a situation where it becomes socially more desirable to have seen a ghost (in this case : to live near some "haunted" place), such that the people who don't feel "left out" and "disappointed".

    Is your town haunted? - DiscussAnything.com -

    In this way, people teach each other standard ghost lore, and prime each other to want to see ghosts.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I saw as many jokes as anything. It seems to me that people are taught to ridicule such ideas as much as to believe in them.
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    My house is haunted. Whenever I go for a no. 1, I leave the seat up. Even if I haven't heard the toilet being flushed since, when I go back the seat is down. Also, whenever I run out of orange juice, a new, opened carton always appears in the fridge. I throw my clothes into the corner of my bedroom when they're dirty... a couple of days later, they're gone... the next day, they're in my wardrobe. And get this: clean as if I'd never wore them. Weird, huh? My girlfriend doesn't believe any of this. Whenever I try and talk to her about it, she just laughs, shakes her head and walks off. She's Scully to my Mulder.
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