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Medical No named research

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    (sorry on the un-official sounding of this post)

    I have been conducting my own little crazy study, and I wish to get responses, and critisism for this.

    This whole thing is sort of along the lines of suggesting to the person without speaking to do something.

    Now, the thing is that you can't make them going around and killing people. All they do is do something simple like pick up a bowl.

    None of this is done with hypnosis, the person is completely awake, concious, but they have to be in a certain mind state (as apposed to being completely off the wall, like a major case of ADHD).

    I wanted to keep this post short (and it seemed random), so if you want more detail, you can ask.
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    Are you talking about visual clues, external stimuli, or telepathy?
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    it's probably along the lines of external stimuli if I'm thinking of that definition right.
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    Can you explain how you plan to accomplish training the subjects? It's impossible to give you feedback on what you're doing/thinking without any information.
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    Well, the subjects aren't trained at all. It's just any person in a certain mind state (something along the lines of them being in deep thought, or trying to remember how to do something, like in cooking, or playing with clay)
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    You've asked for responses and criticism, but haven't provided a sufficient explanation of what you're doing for us to comment much at all. What's your goal, what's your methodology, how will you measure responses, etc?
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