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No, No2 ?

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    I’m puzzled by these two oxides of nitrogen, especially with NO, how do they exist, what favors them?
    If nitrogen has 1s2 2s2 2 px1 py1 pz1 configuration how or why does he form compound with only one oxygen atom ? Nitrogen has +1 oxidation number here right? So by what kind of connection they are connected, is there some kind of hybridization ? Generally the same question goes for other nitrogen compounds with even oxidation numbers.
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    Unstable coumpound.Nitrogen has ON +2 in this monoxyde.It is highly reactive and usually,when exhausted in air,it forms the more stable NO_{2}.One can write several electronic structures,all of them equivalent (so-called Pauling mesomeric structures).

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    I asked my teacher a while ago and she said the maths behind it was awful and simply said it was known as the molecular orbital series.

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