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No playback when using Cakewalk Overture

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    Is anyone familiar with the musical software Cakewalk Overture? I have it installed on a Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop. When I invoke the program, it pops up with a dialog that asks for me to choose a MIDI output device (I'm guessing that this is a sound card) from a list, but the list is empty. So I always end up "continuing with no midi output selected." This makes composing a real pain, as I am then required to export to a *.mid file in order to hear what I have written. The *.mid file plays, so I don't understand why Overture can't find any midi output devices (i.e. I obviously have a sound card if the *.mid file plays, right?). Any suggestions?
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    cakewalk xp


    I have the same problem (exactly!!). Did you find a solution since 2004?
    I think Overture 2. doesn't work correctly with Xp (win98 max).

    My first language is French (Belgium)

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    i think i know what your problem is.....I use the software guitar track pro because i compose and record my stuff on to it, i have it installed on my laptop too...you have to turn all midi devices off unless you are using a midi device...A midi device is a device that is used to export store and even add effects, so it has nothing to do with your sound card.Your sound card is inside your computer....Look for the options panel and turn off all your midi devices....Then you should be all good...

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