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No proof of existence exists

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    Nothing can be proven to exist Truth, Us, Universe, etc ... :cry:

    So ... is existence an idea cooked up by sum1? :tongue2:

    Whether existence can be proven or not - does it matter? :zzz:
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    Unless you have absolute conscious control over the universe, then what does it matter? Either way, you're stuck with it. In other words, Solipsism is pointless.
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    You exist. You can doubt your existence, but then there must be "something" doing the doubting. You are doing the doubting. Truth exists, if we say that truth is nothing more than a property that can be attributed to a proposition. A proposition that says "2 + 2 = 4" has truth. You're probably more concerned with propositions that try to assert something to do with the real, independent world. But does such a world exist? Perhaps not, we only have our perceptions (we can't tell what's beyond), but we only have our perceptions anyways, so it doesn't matter. Now, the universe exists as well, as it exists in your perceptions. It may not exist independently of the perceiver (you) but why is that a necessary criteria for existence?
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