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    I'm new here, an amateur physics buff with some degree of mathematical sophistication.
    I've read and watched a lot of Susskind's work, and I am fascinated by the as-yet undiscovered (or uninvented???) theory of quantum gravity, black holes fascinate me, as does the small but non-zero value of the inflaton fields potential, and, to a lesser extent the properties of dark matter. For a lark, I'll hypothesize that dark matter has many charges, and has a rich structure, but only interacts with standard model matter via gravity, so that I can further hypothesize that there is life within the dark matter structures, horrible, Lovecraftian life! Moohahaha!
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    Hi Al Bore. :welcome:

    Be aware that personal hypotheticals are not allowed outside the confines of our Sc Fi subforum.
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    So, I've had my comment removed for violating "All posts on PF must be consistent with the mainstream professional scientific literature. ", even though nowhere did I do so, whereas "I think I used quantum/quantized in the appropriate way. Discrete things do not have to be of the same size. But quantum things (quanta) are supposed to be of the same size, like fundamental units or fundamental blocks. Because of that, they are like fundamental deltas or units of change.", apparently is considered to be "consistent with mainstream professional scientific literature."

    That being the case, I bid you all adieu.
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