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No slits allowed - What's the problem with QM

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    No slits allowed -- What's the problem with QM

    There 's a great deal more to QM than the two (or more) slit experiment. So, I'm still interested in problems with QM, but within the context of QM dealing with many phenomena. So anybody got problems with theories/ experiments



    Lasers & Glauber's coherent state formalism

    Rosenbluth or Rutherford cross sections & radiative corrections

    Feynman/Dirac path integral formalism

    QM of non-Abelian gauge theories

    Electro-weak theory

    Models of the nucleus

    Many body theory

    Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

    and on and on.

    To me, this is a small list of the real stuff of QM.

    If there are QM problems, how do they show up in issues like those in the above list? No slits allowed -- although crystal lattices are fair game

    Reilly Atkinson
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