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No space foam yet

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    prospect to detect spacetime foam experimentally, has been decreasing progressively the upper bounds (if exist space foam) hence no space foam detect yet at least for string based models predictions (and possibly for others models)

    Physical Review Letters. 108, 231103 (2012)
    Bounds on Spectral Dispersion from Fermi-Detected Gamma Ray Bursts


    ...Such limits constrain dispersive effects created, for example, by the spacetime foam of quantum gravity. In the context of quantum gravity, our bounds set M1c2 greater than 525 times the Planck mass, suggesting that spacetime is smooth at energies near and slightly above the Planck mass...
    ...results in a rather tight bound of M1/MP lanck > 525, suggesting that space is smooth even at energies near and slightly above the Planck mass...

    J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 283 012022
    Stringy Space-Time Foam and High-Energy Cosmic Photons

    Physics Letters B
    Volume 665, Issue 5, 31 July 2008, Pages 412–417
    Derivation of a vacuum refractive index in a stringy space–time foam model

    Physics Letters B
    Volume 674, Issue 2, 13 April 2009, Pages 83–86
    Probing a possible vacuum refractive index with γ-ray telescopes
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