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No such thing.

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    Solidity is an illusion made by electrons repelling each other. A liquid, however doesnt have bonds between its atoms as strong as a solid does, hence the ability to flow.
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    Theory Man,u're worthy of Theory Development subforum. :approve: It's basically made for people like u... :smile:


    PS.Do you know the internal structure of solids and liquids??
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    Depends on the substance.
    Most metals, for example have a rigid crystalline structure.
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    Except for the unnecessary use of the word "illusion", you're not saying anything new here. Yes, interactions between electrons are responsible for properties of solids. Yes, weak intermolecular bonding between molecules of a liquid is responsible for its ability to flow.

    However, the solid and liquid phases are well defined in most systems, and the phase transition between these phases (and the atetndant change in enthalpy) are hardly illusions !
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