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News No thread on the terrible events going on in Burma/Myanmar?

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    No thread on the terrible events going on in Burma?

    What can be done about this situation?

    The dictatorial junta have even tried to close off all internet connections so the innocent can't report the slaughter of their fellow protestors.

    If there's a country which the West should show a strong arm to, this should be one -- but hang-on, they've friends with big guns...


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    Myanmar breaks up rallies, cuts Internet
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070928/ap_on_re_as/myanmar [Broken]
    Police, Protesters in Deadly Standoff in Myanmar

    More Deaths in Myanmar, and Defiance
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    China's record at home in regard to handling pro-democracy protests would suggest they are not about to do anything to reign in the junta in Burma.
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    Democratic powers share a large part of the blame too: Dilemma of dealing with Burma (20 October, 2004)
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    I've never been to Burma. I don't know much about the situation with the acception of what the news and the internet tell me. I figure that buddhist monks aren't necessarily terrorists. They appear pretty calm on the outside. I've seen the smuggled footage from the main streets of the capital. Give an undereducated guy a big stick and a gun and look what happens. The whole scene looks a bit like Seattle during a WTO meeting. Only the guys with the big sticks and guns have bullet proof armour as well. What can we say? That is not our country. If there's a foster home for the civilian population of Burma then are we the big Social Services agency to go in and tear them away from their authorities?

    As far as I can see and learn about this situation the monks and the civilians are dealing with their countrie's military rulers the best they can. Its a little lop-sided when the ruler has all the guns but, they will work it out for the better. Whenever outsiders get involved in these conflicts, there is opportunism and exploitation following right behind the do-gooders.

    Give the Burmese people the credit and your belief that they'll commandeer their country back into their own way of rule... unless, of course, there's oil in them thar hills.
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