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No way

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    The IBM CPU that goes in the G5 won against the Pentium 4 and 64-bit from AMD?

    How can that be!?

    It takes 2 of those CPUs to even draw a fair comparison against a single Intel or AMD CPU.

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    Yeah, I own a Mac so I go to Mac forums sometimes.

    They were talking about how the G5 won CPU of the year, and I was astonished.

    PC Magazine awarded the Opeteron and 64-bit AMD CPU of the year (much more logical).

    They say the PC World benchmarks are biased, despite the real-world approach to them.

    I don't really get how the G5 won. Someone please explain it to me.
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    You know there is more in this world than AMD and Intel processors. I know specialized DSPs that can process voice or image faster than any general purpose processor. Just because Intel and AMD have the largest processor market share doesn't mean everything they make is the best this universe has witnessed yet.
    As for the G5 processor (http://www-3.ibm.com/chips/products/powerpc/processors/ [Broken]) he's a 64 bit processor (there are not many 64 bit processors today), it has cache with error correction (that's not performance boosting but it's a nice feature), and seems highly paralelized and low power from what I read so far....
    You can take a look at the address above and if I have time I'll try to find some specs from whatever AMD and Intel you think can beat this processor and then we'll see if it's true...
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    The G5 that is used at the convention is not the one in apples computers btw as far as the links to the benchmarks. the FX is much better and will start to be shipped in the xserves. Anyway the FX that was tested isn't the same and there for is probably why it won, mainly probably due to the fact that the process of the cpu is now a 90 nm and not a 130 nm, you should look at the white papers/briefs about both cpus to see the hard differences in both chips.
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