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Nobel laureate gerard 't hooft supports dutch manned mission to mars

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    i'm highly skeptical that the dutch can pull this off.


    there are still so many obstacles to putting people on mars that i seriously doubt a country of about 25 million like the netherlands could pull it off and this in spite of the fact that according to leonard susskind the dutch have more great physicists per capita than any other country. even worse, they want to make a reality show of it. i think it would be a rather sick reality show to watch people slowly die on another planet where nothing can be done to save them. i'm all for building a viable permanent colony on mars but i think we're jumping the gun here. we've got to wait until our technology improves and the costs come down. humans are just set up in such a way that they won't build a colony on mars unless it can be self-sustaining or profitable and soon. sure, we would like to see a colony on mars but if it can't be self-sustaining we humans will put our labor into other efforts. i've read bob zubrin's book the case for mars and he makes the convincing case that everything we need to survive is already on mars. still, i don't think a tiny country like the netherlands has the resources to do it.
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    There are already threads on this.
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