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Nobel Prize Acquisition

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    Although I can't nominate myself for a Nobel Prize, I was wondering I any distinguished scientist would oppose such a nomination.
    Here are the scientific propositions.

    Astronauts are able to float when in space are but inside their space shuttle. But they are also able to breath oxygen. Sea divers also must use a set amount of air pressure to receive proper amounts of oxygen. When high mountain climbing one of the first physical systems to change in the body is the amount of oxygen one gets while breathing. Vacuum "space" is an unseen constant evident by particles able to go thru other forms of matter such as glass. Well, there are other forces such as magnetism that also go through matter with this unabstructed nonlimitation. In works of classical and modern scientists such as Newton and Einstein they make no references to these facts as a universal constant. So by defining this physical vacuum that is able to go through all of matter and giving it mathematical value and meaning because it affects all branches of science I am humble (as the researcher and discoverer).

    Please note that energy, matter and forces as a byproducts of matter or energy have been ruled out as this universal constant. The date being 02/10/2012. My name Adam Luis Hugo 0667. I would also like to add that physical evidence show offset of energy and matter by this constant.
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    I nominate... you!(I mean me!)
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    P.S. I haven't named this constant yet although I have done the research of its abstraction from eliminating known science related variables in their own branches of disciplines. I have aquired "Preponderance of the Evidence" of such a constant or physical variable or previously unknown scientific principle. And now I'm publishing publicly on this forum with this thread.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't think you're gonna get your Nobel. You won't get the Nobel Prize for a, as you put it, "scientific proposition". You get the Nobel Prize for making an important contribution to science.

    Speculative posts like this are anyway not allowed on this forum. So keep rocking, but somewhere else.
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