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Nobel prize in chemistry 2012

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    The topic in the prize is about GPCR and from what i have researched, the research is about biology. I want to know why it was rewarded to the field in chemistry.
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    Because there is no prize for biology?
    Work in biochemistry has lead to prizes being awarded in both chemistry and medicine; it is not always clear which category a certain discovery fits into.
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    Probably because they were working at the chemistry level with methods methods that were as much chemistry as physilogy or medicine.
    That same year (2012), the Physiology and Medicine was awarded as shown below:
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    Chemistry is about achieving a molecular-level understanding of phenomena in nature and applying that knowledge to build useful new molecules like drugs or materials. Some of the most difficult and important questions in chemistry are in understanding the molecular basis for biological phenomena. The work by Kolbilka and Lefkowitz to understand the molecules and mechanisms involved in GPCR signaling as well as elucidate their atomic structures certainly fits in this category.
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