Nobel Prize in Physics 2016

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Well, this was awarded to Condensed matter physics this year, so I think this is the appropriate thread to post my question...
So far I've only read through the official site's press release ( ), however it is still unclear to me what is so interesting or amazing about their finding?

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Have you read the explanations on the website? There are two, one "easy" and one aimed at people with a background in physics (not so easy).
Both are quite good.
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Without actually reading through their work in detail (and it would probably be rather difficult to get a really good understanding of it) , it is somewhat difficult to give a good assessment of its value. In some ways, the practical value of a theory depends on how readily it can be understood, and whether it can be taught as part of the standard curriculum. Some of the material can be so specialized that it takes a tremendous investment to try to understand it, and it can detract from time that could be spent learning other things that are less specialized.

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