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Homework Help: Nodal Analysis Question

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    I just have a quick question about nodal analysis in the attached file. At v1 and v3, is it not neccessary to take into account the current going to the right and left respectivley?

    So at v1, -6V + (v1 - v2 / 6k)
    and at v3, 24V + (v2 - v3/4k)

    Thanks a lot!

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    For this case since the bottom node is defined to be ground, and you know the voltage difference for the voltage sources so V1 and V3 are known by inspection. Besides look at what your trying to do. You have at V1:
    -6V + (V1-V2)/6K, your trying to add voltage to current. That doesn't make sense.
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    ahhh I gotta pay more attention...Thanks!
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