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Homework Help: Node analysis

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    The Electrician

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    Here is the substitution of your equation (2) into equation (1) in the kind of detail you should have shown. You just haven't shown enough detail to make it easy to follow what you did.


    At the point where you have "(1) + (2) =" you made a simple arithmetic mistake. You should have added .5 and .25 and gotten .75, but you made a mistake.
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    ok thanks so much guys i hope my algebra is up to it. i see what i come up with
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    thanks electrician and gneil you put in alot of work for this thanks so much
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    hope my answer comes out as -9.18 +j17.31 like my spread sheet answer from first attemp.
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    wow it worked thanks you guys your great. answers dead on. As you may have guessed i am doing a distance learning course and have no teachers to help so you guys have been wonder full. the material i have is also lame and my confidence has been crushed a bit. thanks and you guys and happy Christmas to all. i will study hard now for my next assignments on three phase.
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    Good luck in your studies!
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