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Node voltage method problem

  1. Feb 19, 2012 #1
    i solved this problem which asks to find the node voltages ,,

    http://im12.gulfup.com/2012-02-19/1329666252272.png [Broken]

    and here is my sol :

    http://im12.gulfup.com/2012-02-19/1329666252271.jpg [Broken]

    and finally i found that :

    v1 = 226.25 volt

    v2 = 20.92 volt

    v3 = -63.07 volt

    v4 = -245.21 volt

    i drew it again in multism program and found that my answers are rapidly different !

    could anyone help ? thanks
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    Your calculated values look okay to me. The problem must lie with your multisim implementation.
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