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Noether's Theorem, Symmetries & Lorentz/Poincare Group Self-Study - help?

  1. May 5, 2010 #1
    Hello folks,

    I'm interested in getting a much deeper understanding of symmetries and how they pretty much define the universe; e.g. translation symmetry in time = Conservation of Energy?? according to Wikipedia. I'm *extremely* interested in how symmetries lead to universal laws.

    My level of education is up to 3.5 years of Mathematics/Statistics in university.. I had to drop due to funding issues. I wasn't a spectacular student but I would have graduated. I learned some set theory, but by now my memories foggy.

    Can anyone recommend resources to study from? Online preferred for convenience, but I'm definitely willing to shell out for decent textbooks (preferred university level, since casual "Chapters-ish" books gloss over the real explanations).

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have! I'll take any and every one.

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